Thyroid malfunction: Why everyone needs screening

Thyroid malfunction

Reasons thyroid disease awareness is important Medical experts say a malfunction of the thyroid can cause the secretion of too much or too little of thyroid hormones, thereby causing the body metabolism to either fasten its activities or slow down.  The hormones need to be just enough for the body to function ultimately. Too much or too little of  it leads to a number of malfunction of other organs in the body, they say. The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland found at the base of the neck. It produces thyroid hormones that travel in the blood to all parts of the body. The hormone controls the body’s metabolism in many ways, including how fast or how slow you burn calories and how fast the heart beats. Women are more likely to develop a thyroid malfunction. Studies show that one in eight women will develop a thyroid problem during her lifetime. Thyroid malfunction can manifest in different ways but, the two most common types of thyroid malfunction are hyper and hypo thyroids. Others are thyroid cancer, thyroid nodules goitre, and postpartum thyroiditis, among others.

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