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Cancer screenings can help discover signs and symptoms of most cancers early, before you observe any symptoms. Finding cancer early makes it simpler to deal with or therapy in many case. But, at present it is not clear if screening for prostate most cancers is beneficial for most guys. For that reason, you need to communicate along with your health care provider earlier than having a prostate most cancers screening.

Types of Tests

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test is a blood test carried out to checks the levels of PSA found in your blood.

  • A high level of PSA could mean either the person has Prostrate Cancer or an infection of the prostrate or an enlarged prostrate which are other causes of high PSA. If PSA is high, other blood test or a biopsy of the prostrate can help in the cancer diagnosis.
  • A Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) which is a test where the health professional inserts a gloved lubricated finger to the rectum to check for lumps or unusual areas. Though this method when used for early stages cancers may not be effective because at this stage, these cancers can’t be felt. Your healthcare professional may recommend for you to do a PSA and DRE.

Checking your PSA becomes beneficiary to the patient because early detection is now made possible.

Remember to talk to your health care professional’s about PSA test before undergoing the test.


If you choose to be tested, it is often advised to be done once a year to as a male.

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