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A cervical cancer test is a procedure that checks for changes in the cells lining the cervix. It can find abnormal cells, or abnormal growths that may turn into cancer if left untreated. These abnormal cells or growths often show up on a Pap test and biopsy.

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HPV Test The HPV Test measures the presence and amount of certain human papillomavirus (HPV) types in a sample. High-risk HPV can sometimes be transmitted during sexual activity, but it often does not cause cancer. The HPV Test is quick, convenient, and cost-effective, so it can be done at home. This test is great for women who want to know if they are at risk for cervical cancer or warts.
Full Blood Count Test Full Blood Count Test is a simple blood test that provides information on the number and types of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in your blood. It is normally done on a full peripheral blood draw. Blood will be drawn from your arm into an anticoagulant tube (heparinized syringe). Blood sample then passes through a fine wire mesh to prevent clotting
Liver Function Liver Function is a test that measures the levels of toxins and fragrances in your blood. It also tracks your cholesterol levels and liver enzymes which may be abnormal. Liver function can help doctors determine whether you are at risk for or have already developed problems with having an enlarged liver from toxic build-up, or cirrhosis.
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Cervical Cancer Package

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