Moral Ville Academy’s visit to Paramount Lifecare


Morale Ville AcademyThe pupils of Moral Ville Academy located at 23 Road, House 4, K Close, 112 Road, House 1, Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria visited Paramount Lifecare at 4th avenue, Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria on 27/3/2018 and they learnt a lot as our Professionals took them hands on.

It was an exciting experience with the pupils.They learnt about endoscopy, mammogram, fluoroscopy, Digital X-ray, MRI & CT scan and the laboratory practices. We sure boosted their desire in the field of medicine, as most of them expressed their interest in becoming seasoned medical practitioners.
Thank you Moral Ville Academy for coming to Paramount Lifecare. It was indeed and educative and exciting experience.


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