International Nurses day


A proposal submitted in 1953 by a Dorathy Sutherland who was a U.S department of Health, Education and welfare Staff suggesting a day (Nurses Day) to be set aside to honor all Nurses in the United States. The proposal was not approved by the president (President Dwight D. Eisenhower). In 1965, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) choose a day to mark as International Nurses Day. May 12, was chosen to be the day of celebration as it marks the birthday of Florence Nightingale.

international nursing day

Florence Nightingale who considered the founder of the nursing profession (modern nursing). She was a writer, social reformer and a statistician where she was known during the Crimean War as she provided medical treatment to soldiers.

International Women’s day yearly themes

International Nurses day is now celebrated worldwide year with a yearly theme. Some of which include:

  1. 1988 – Safe Motherhood
  2. 1989 – School Health
  3. 1990 – Nurses and Environment
  4. 1991 – Mental Health – Nurses in Action
  5. 1992 – Healthy Aging
  6. 1993 – Quality, costs and Nursing
  7. 1994 – Healthy Families for Healthy Nation
  8. 1995 – Women’s Health: Nurses Pave the Way
  9. 1996 – Better Health through Nursing Research
  10. 1997 – Healthy Young People = A Brighter Future
  11. 1998 – Partnership for Community Health
  12. 1999 – Celebrating Nursing’s Past, claiming the future
  13. 2000 – Nurses – Always there for you
  14. 2001 – Nurses, Always There for You: United Against Violence
  15. 2002 – Nurses Always There for You: Caring for Families
  16. 2003 – Nurses: Fighting AIDS stigma, working for all
  17. 2004 – Nurses: Working with the Poor; Against Poverty.
  18. 2005 – Nurses for Patients’ Safety: Targeting counterfeit medicines and substandard medication.
  19. 2006 – Safe staffing saves lives
  20. 2007 – Positive practice environments: Quality workplaces = quality patient care.
  21. 2008 – Delivering Quality, Serving Communities: Nurses Leading Primary Health Care and social care
  22. 2009 – Delivering Quality, Serving Communities: Nurses Leading Care Innovations.
  23. 2010 – Delivering Quality, Serving Communities: Nurses Leading Chronic Care.
  24. 2011 – Closing The Gap: Increasing Access and Equity.
  25. 2012 – Closing The Gap: From Evidence to Action.
  26. 2013 – Closing The Gap: Millennium Development Goals.
  27. 2014 – Nurses: A Force for Change – A vital resource for health.
  28. 2015 – Nurses: A Force for Change: Care Effective, Cost Effective.
  29. 2016 – Nurses: A Force for Change: Improving Health Systems’ Resilience.
  30. 2017 – Nurses: A voice to lead – Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
  31. 2018 – Nurses: A voice to lead – Health is a Human Right


Nurses have done to mention a few one of these for you:

  1. Fed you
  2. Brought you a blanket so you won’t be cold
  3. Cleaned vomit off of you
  4. Monitored your vital signs (took your temperature, Blood pressure etc.)
  5. Made sure you were getting the right medicine
  6. Changed your wound dressings.
  7. Helped you get to the bathroom
  8. Let you cry on his or her shoulder
  9. Give you injections.


The least you could do is to appreciate these wonderful people. Their worth is not to be taken for granted.


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