Celebrating International Women’s day


The International Women’s day is a day dedicated to women’s cause and celebrations everywhere in the World. Women are celebrated and venerated for their contributions to the successes of men and households and the society at large. That is the day committed to celebrating the women that are in your life and honoring those that have impacted you in all areas.


It is celebrated every year on March 8. Since International women’s day has no specific organizer or schedule, it is left for Women everywhere to decide how they want to celebrate it. It is also left to women worldwide to outline what the day means to them, and what they desire to achieve inside the set day.



Most women in public or non-public existence use the occasion to address gender problems such as reproductive healthcare, gender equality, violence in opposition to women, lady-infant education, lady genital mutilation, maternity go away and paid holidays among others.

How did the celebrations of the international women’s day start? The primary national woman’s day held in USA on February 23, 1909. Then the subsequent year in 1910, International Conference of Working Women took place in Denmark – There a woman, Clara Zetkin, suggested that women should have a day to celebrate themselves. Then over 100 ladies from 17 nations that attended the meeting agreed to the idea and this was the start of the worldwide Women’s day.

The first international Women’s day held throughout Switzerland, Denmark, Austria and Germany on March 19, 1911 and in 1913, March 8 became an Official day for the celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD).

There’s no specific way the IWD is to be celebrated, however women everywhere use the event to press for women’s rights.

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